The Freshest Farming Apps

Wednesday – 27th June 2018

Agroop Cooperation

Agroop Cooperation is an operational management app for farmers, agronomists, and farming companies. Combined with our multi-sensor Stoock, it allows you to monitor your crops’ water needs, prevent risks, such as plagues and diseases, with alerts, find the best production parameters, and much more.

ICBF Web Application

The ICBF Web Application mobile app allows HerdPlus herd-owners quick access to their HerdPlus accounts.Features include recording events and viewing animal profiles in a quick and easy fashion.

ICBF Animal Search

This app allows the user to search for EBI and €uro-Star figures on the animals in the ICBF Database. The HerdPlus Animal Search app allows users to search the genetic index figures (EBI and €uro-Star)on animals in the ICBF database.


Easy Compliance & Valuable Farm Records. Anytime, Anywhere.

Monday – 29th May 2017


fieldmargin is an easy to use visual record of your farm. Draw maps, make notes, leave messages for your team and more, with or without internet connection.




Tuesday – 18th April 2017

Official IFA App

Keep up to date with the latest IFA news, access expert market reports and commentary, and learn more about IFA campaigns and …

Geo Measure Area Calculator

Geo Measure is best free tool for you, when you want to purchase some property, and want to calculate area of that property. Geo Measure will help you like your best friends and will give you exact calculated area. App is useful to calculate GPS area or GPS distance with great accuracy. There two way to measure any GPS area or distance. You can either put markers manually on MAP or record your position using GPS service.

Monday – 30th January 2017

Fire + Rain streamlined weather app  only

Powered by The Weather Network, Fire + Rain is a light weather app now available on the Apple App Store. The app provides …

Thursday – 3rd November 2016


FarmIreland is the new farming website and app from Independent News & Media.

Friday – 7th October 2016

Sun – weather forecast app  only

Sun is a beautifully designed alternative to the app, offering the same data in something that both looks and works better. The …

Tuesday – 20th September 2016

FarmHedge will provide farmers with two useful pieces of information. First, it uses current and forecasted weather information for the user’s farm …

Friday – 8th July 2016

netBravo – map of EU broadband coverage

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre  has developed an application that will help EU citizens travelling abroad in Europe to see the …

Wednesday – 6th July 2016

KisanHub – Sophisticated Decision Support for Farmers and Growers.

Agriculture tech startup KisanHub is on a mission to make farming more ‘connected’ to help farmers “grow more and use less, KisanHub …

Thursday – 12th May 2016

Farmers Journal

Get the latest agricultural news, commentary and technical farm content from the Irish Farmers Journal through its latest iPhone, iPad and Android app. …

Agriland is a news resource for farmers and the agricultural, farming, food and agri-business sectors on the island of Ireland.

iFarm App

It is now easier and more convenient than ever to check the latest farm prices on iFarm. With our new input surveys, there is greater transparency across the range of input costs. Farmers can help fellow farmers by submitting the prices they pay, which will appear in real-time on iFarm. Sign up for our alerts and be notified when IFA publishes the latest price reports.

Yara ImageIT

Yara ImageIT is a smartphone app designed to measure nitrogen uptake in a crop and generate a nitrogen recommendation based on photographs …

Farmflo – Farming Compliance Made Easy

The award-winning farm management software that allows you to update your records on the go, save time with compliance paperwork while staying …

Wednesday – 24th February 2016


Canopeo is a rapid green canopy cover measurement tool. Use this app to quantify the percent canopy cover of live green vegetation …

Fertilizer Removal by Crop

The Ag PhD Fertilizer Removal by Crop application acts as a reference to plan fertilizer applications on your farm. Select your crop and …

Storm – Precipitation Alerts, Radar and Storm Tracking  only

Sky is weather app that offers a wealth of detail including high definition radar, advanced storm cell tracking, severe weather outlooks and …

WeatherIf  only

WeatherIf is weather app that doesn’t require you to open an app to check the weather. Instead, it streamlines your weather forecasting …


Grass2Milk helps dairy farmers make informed decisions about the nutritional requirements of their stock. This app allows you to instantly see whether …

Gleadell – Grain, Seed and Fertiliser Tool

Gleadell Agriculture Ltd is a major trader of grain in the UK and a leading exporter of all grains, oilseeds and pulses …

Farmers Business Network

Farm confidently with trusted agronomic insights made possible by connecting real data from real farmers on an independent and unbiased platform. $500 annual subscription. No per acreage fees. Period.

Geometer GPS – handheld device

Handheld GPS device for accurate area measurement. Allows you to measure the areas of any geometry, distances and to mark waypoints. Geometer GPS was designed as precise acreage measurement tool.

Thursday – 12th November 2015

Dairygold MyMilk App

Get you milk results and milk test data from Dairygold in this app for Apple and Android devices. After you download the app …

Tuesday – 10th November 2015

Profi – Farm Machinery Magazine

The new app is the English edition of this magazine, profi – Magazin für professionelle Agrartechnik which publishes detailed, independent tractor and machinery tests for …

Friday – 30th October 2015


Texting isn’t cheap (especially international texting), but WhatsApp makes it so much cheaper. You can cut the cord on your carrier’s SMS …

Thursday – 29th October 2015

Geo Area

Geo Area is designed to cater for just about anyone’s needs to measure field areas, collect ground samples, GIS surveys, and measuring …

Wednesday – 28th October 2015


Track the status and development of four key wheat foliar diseases. It complements the CropMonitor website by giving you up to date information on the disease status and risk of development at the CropMonitor trial monitoring sites across England. It also gives you a quick risk assessment of these diseases within your own area using the trial site data closest to you and predicting the diseases development based on the next 72hrs weather forecast for your area.


The Adama UK Water Aware app forecasts risk of movement of selected pesticides from soil to water courses based on prevailing and predicted weather conditions, soil moisture deficit and soil texture. It is designed to act as a decision support tool for those applying pesticides associated with water pollution. The application runs a series of algorithms to alert the user to potential risk of pollution due to the current and forecast weather and soil conditions. It also combines a user friendly check list of operational conditions designed to reduce the risk of pollution at the time of application.

P & K Calculator

The P & K calculator is an online calculator for estimating P and K fertilizer requirements for grassland and crops from the …

Tuesday – 20th October 2015

Irish Farmers Monthly Magazine App

Get the Farmers Monthly magazine on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. All issues are free with a comprehensive back catalogue. Worth …

Friday – 9th October 2015

TMR Calc  only

TMR Calc is an easy to use app for calculating TMR rations when being used with a mixing wagon.

Wednesday – 9th September 2015

Vert – Unit & Currency Convertor  Apple only

This app converts anything to anything. Really handy for areas, weights, volumes and currencies. It’s lightening quick and given the amount I …

Thursday – 3rd September 2015

Note Taking Apps

If you’re out and about on the farm and need to record something or set a reminder later there are copious amounts …

Wednesday – 2nd September 2015

Sunrise Calendar App

Sunrise Calendar is my favorite calendar app on the iPhone because it’s free, feature-packed, and easy to use. It does everything that …

Tuesday – 25th August 2015

Crop Nutrient Removal Calculator (PlantCalc) US based

The calculator estimates crop nutrient removal of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (expressed as P2O5), potassium (expressed as K2O), and sulfur (S) for a broad, and continually expanding, list of field crops.

Results are calculated based on user-selected yield goals, and can be displayed in either metric or US/Imperial units

Planimeter –  iPhone & iPad only

Planimeter measures distances and land areas on maps. Search for a location by address, or let your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad …

Connected Farm Field App

Enter detailed field records using your smartphone or tablet.

Thursday – 20th August 2015

John Deere App Centre Android Only

The John Deere App Centre provides one convenient location to search for the John Deere mobile apps that can help you get …

Dry Grain Calculator

Available from TapLogic, LLC, the Dry Grain Calculator illustrates the effect that varying grain and oilseed moisture levels have on crop weight. …

FarmanGo – Manage Your Herd Anywhere

Farmango provides a complete solution to the management of your animals through livestock herd management apps.  It helps you to keep track …

Beef Cow BCS  iPhone

This livestock app allows you to track and organise body condition scores for your beef cow herd. Snap a cow’s photo, compare …

Dark Sky – A New Kind Of Weather App  iPhone & iPad only

Dark Sky uses state-of-the-art technology to predict when it will rain or snow — down to the minute — at your exact …

Tuesday – 11th August 2015

Beef PriceWatch

Real-time factory prices as collected from the Department of Agriculture

Monday – 10th August 2015

NUBeef  iPhone

This is more geared towards the US market but the aim of the app is to assist beef producers in managing nutrition …

Pioneer GrowingPoint Agronomy for Android

Access hundreds of agronomy articles and photos in any location on your device. You’ll have answers, including photos, for weed and pest …

Friday – 7th August 2015

BBC Farming Today Podcast

All rural life is here: daily news of food, farming, the countryside and the environment with analysis and context from the BBC’s experts in the field. Presented by Anna Hill and Charlotte Smith, Farming Today goes out every weekday on Radio 4 at 0545 (14 minutes)and at 0630 on Saturdays (25 minutes).