About AgriApps

AgriApps is a dedicated service to finding and promoting the best farming and related applications for farmers. We are a small team operating in conjunction with the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA).

We try to find new apps and other products on an almost daily basis. It’s a place to share and discuss the latest mobile, apps, websites and other agri tech creations. By AgriApps posting an app on the site, we are not endorsing the app but rather highlighting that it might be of use for farmers.

What is that little box with an arrow in it beside an app?

This is a voting button. If you like the sound of the application or even better, you have used it and want to rate it, just click the little up-arrow to show your appreciation. You can also comment on the application by clicking or tapping it, and posting a comment.*

How do I submit an app?

After registering and signing in, click the “+ Submit” button on the top right and submit ‘App Name’, ‘App Description’ and the weblink to the app (this can be the iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone Store or the homepage of the app or company).

Select one of the categories e.g “Dairy”, “Beef”, “Tillage”, “Weather” etc.

If this your app or product, please tick the “I created this” box and click the green “Submit” button.

Congratulations, you have just submitted your first app to AgriApps!

I submitted an app but I don’t see it on the homepage. Why?

We get a lot of submissions so we have manually approve each one. The reason for this is to make sure that the apps are relevant and useful and we don’t end up with 20 different versions of Candy Crush appearing on the home page!

What kind of apps get posted on AgriApps?

AgriApps is for promoting, sharing and discussing new interesting apps that relate to farming. Sometimes apps from other regions such as the USA, UK and Canada are posted. This is to show farmers what is available in other countries and maybe inspire some innovative farmer to develop something similar for Ireland.

*Can I comment on an app submitted to AgriApps?

Yes, please do. Your comment might not appear automatically, as we have to approve them to make sure spammers and irrelevant content doesn’t dilute the purpose of the site.