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Tuesday – 25th August 2015

On: Beef PriceWatch

The department have done a good job of taking the prices they publish every week and making them available via smartphone. It can be slow to download all the prices especially over a 3g connection.

On: Herdwatch

That's high praise indeed! They have done a killer job with it and hopefully continue to get the recognition they deserve. Irish ag tech is really taking off with some other great Irish ag tech companies out there like and

On: Fulcrum

I would love to see a demo of this working in a farming context. Looks pretty powerful.

On: MachineryGuide

This does looks really interesting. Wonder how it compares to Agco's Fuse Technologies or John Deere's suite of precision ag tools.

Friday – 15th May 2015

On: Fresh Air Weather App  iPhone only

This is now my favourite weather app, replacing the also superb DarkSky app.