The Freshest Farming Apps

Tuesday – 26th May 2015


MachineryGuide is a low-cost Tractor GPS application for Android. As it is a precision agricultural system, it provides modern technology for farmers to be able to do their agricultural works more efficiently and more economically.

Monday – 25th May 2015


Breeding, fertility and health are critical factors for success on-farm. the original MooMonitor focused solely on whether a cow was in heat …

Decibel 10th Noise Measuring

Decibel 10th is an app that measures the sound level produced by the environment and highlights if users are exposing themselves to …

Thursday – 21st May 2015

Genius Scan – PDF Scanner

Genius Scan is a scanner in your pocket. Quickly scan your documents on the go and export them as JPEG or multi-page …

Map Tools GPS Measure & Area Android Only

Map Tools is an app that allows users to mark distances or areas on a map, and the map provides measurements for …

Tuesday – 19th May 2015

Sprayer Calibration App for iOS and Android

This free mobile app was created to aid in the proper calibration of spraying equipment. Improperly calibrated pesticide spraying equipment may cause either too little or too much pesticide to be applied.

Friday – 15th May 2015

Tank Mix Calculator – from FarmLogic

This app is provided free for any farmer to use on their mobile device to quickly and easily generate a tank mix. …

Tractors – Giants of Agriculture  iPad only

This will have to be classified as a ‘luxury app’ for those tractor-obsessed out there, considering it costs €7.99. It is only …


Measure your grazing platform with farmGRAZE. Use this app to make full use of your grass and save money on bought in …

AgDNA – Mobile Farm Management Platform

Digitise your entire farm & access all your precision farming data on the go. Yield maps, seeding reports, elevation layers, as applied … – UK only

Buy & sell your livestock commission free. Connect instantly with thousands of farmers nationwide. Fixed Price The ‘buy it now’ method operates on …

GPS Fields Area Measure – Android Only

GPS Field Area Measure useful as map measurement tool for outdoor activities, sports, range finder applications, bike tour planning, or run tour …

Farmware – US based

Instant livestock reconciliations, stocking rates, paddock reports and historical analysis.

Cereal Disease Identification App – UK Focused.

In conjunction with HGCA, and Bill Clark, BASF produced the Encyclopaedia of Cereal Diseases in 2009 and due to the uptake of …

Amazone Fertiliser Services Apps

Amazone offers its FertiliserService as an App for Smartphones free of charge. In this way, depending on machine model, working width, kind of fertiliser and application rate, the precise values for the shutter slide opening and spreading discs angle can be accessed.

BASF Weed Identification – UK Based

Based on the acclaimed Encyclopaedia of Arable Weeds and developed in association with ADAS, the BASF Weed ID app aims to provide an easy to use reference guide to the major broad-leaved weeds and grass-weeds in the UK supporting weed identification of 140 species.

Total Oilseeds App –  iPhone only

The BASF oilseed rape Green Area Index tool has become recognised as an industry standard and is widely used to support input …

Thursday – 14th May 2015


Planimeter measures distances and land areas on maps.

Canopy Assessment App –  iPhone only

GAI Tool for winter wheat: The Canopy Assessment Tool (CAT) provides an accurate and consistent assessment of crop nitrogen from its green area index (GAI) and crop lodging risk from a digital photograph.

New Holland Weather Service

Farming Weather and links to New Holland dealers and mechanics by location.