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Farmango provides a complete solution to the management of your animals through livestock herd management apps.  It helps you to keep track of births, movements, deaths, treatments, diets, protocols and much more.  They have a suite of apps for managing your livestock and dairy business.

Each app offered can be used on its own and are designed for specific tasks. For those with bad mobile and data coverage, the apps store your data until you are next online.

Apps offered include:

  • Cashbook (€2.93) – As you make transactions, whether it is buying feedstuff or selling animals, you can record them with this app.  Each transaction is date stamped and can be accompanied by a photo taken from your phone.
  • Animal Weight – The app uses a simple record interface to make the recording of animal weights easy.  When you are finished weighing, the records are automatically added to each animal on the Farmango database.  Farmango can be used later to show graphs of the weight gained by each of your animals over time.
  • Animal Locomotion Scoring -This app uses a simple method for recording your assessment of animal locomotion.  This assessment is automatically uploaded to Farmango and, over time, helps to provide a view of each animals progress.
  • Animal Condition Scoring – This app uses a simple scale to record your view of the condition of each animal.  This is automatically uploaded to Farmango and can be viewed in conjunction with other assessments taken over time.
  • Animal List/Tag Reader (UK only) – This app turns your phone into a handing animal tag reader.  It’s quick and easy to use and speeds up the process of recording treatments, weights, conditions etc.
  • TB Pre-movement Test – With this app you can enter the date your animals were tested for TB and it will automatically count down the 60 days before a re-test is required, allowing you to track the dates and move your animals before the period is up.

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If you are already on another system or just using spreadsheets, Farmango will help you import your data to get you up and running. Useful for dairy farmers is the diary function where you can see all activities across the farm. The user is always in charge of their data and can access all herd info in a clear report with data including live weight gains, carcass grades etc. For UK users you can connect with BCMS and make movement processes easier.

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