Farming PRO 2015


Harvest fields, raise animals, walk around your farm to manage buildings, drive combines, tractors, trucks and semis and master over 50 farm tools and implements Farming PRO 2015.

The goal is to build the most valuable farm. Compare stats with friends and become the best farmer. Take advantage of changing economy and sell your products at the highest price. Expand your farm by buying new fields and upgrading your buildings.


  • Own over 50 vehicles and tools, including tractors, combine harvesters, trailers, trucks, cultivators, sowing machines and many others.Hire assistants to help you with your work.
  • Walk or drive around your farm and discover detailed map with 4 major areas – farm, village, industrial and animal dealer.
  • Plant, spray, grow and harvest corn, canola, wheat and hay to sell them on a market with changing prices.
  • Raise cows, sheep and chickens and feed them with the best fodder to guarantee highest productivity.
  • Experience open world gameplay with stunning and highly detailed 3D graphics

Costs €1.99 and contains in-app purchases.

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