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FarmLogs attempts to make precision farming easy for everyone.

You can make more informed decisions about crop management, nutrient management, and soil and water conservation with the help of field-specific soil maps.

You can log notes and activities from the field. Your information is automatically synced so everyone on your farm can see what they need to see.

The FarmLogs app allows you to enter the information on mobile devices and to share it easily via the web. Certain bits of information, such as rainfall accumulation and crop health, are gathered automatically by the FarmLogs app, saving time and miles.

The app compares real-time satellite images of every five square meters of field with the last five years of satellite imagery to detect whether a particular area is distressed. If so, farmers receive push notifications urging them to go to that spot and see for themselves why the plants are struggling compared with previous years. (Source NYTimes)

Most of FarmLogs is free for now, with the exception of the Automatic Activity Recording package, a $300-a-year offering in which the app detects when certain work is taking place in the field and logs information without the user needing to input it manually.


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