Geometer GPS – handheld device

Handheld GPS device for accurate area measurement. Allows you to measure the areas of any geometry, distances and to mark waypoints. Geometer GPS was designed as precise acreage measurement tool. Of course it isn’t as accurate as a professional surveyor for calculating acreage, but it’s still useful as a quick reference with error about 0.5%. Geometer GPS device will perform the calculation for you. It is fast and easy, and you don’t need to do the math yourself.

Features of Geometer GPS:

  • area measurement
  • distance measurement
  • adding of waypoints
  • cut of non-productive areas
  • export data: shp, dxf, kml, txt, OziTrack, CompeGPS
  • dividing a surfaces
  • averaging function
  • soil sampling
  • short notes to any point
  • drawing (circles, pivots)
  • sync with Agroprofile free web-service

Prices start from $330

More details here: http://geometer.pro/


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