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Google launched the new Google Photos app for iOS and Android, last week at its annual Google I/O conference. This app lets you back up an unlimited number of photos and videos from a phone or camera to Google’s cloud, and has a host of features, including a pretty cool search function which uses face detection which means the app recognises individual people, so you can search for every picture you’ve ever taken of them.

But the best, and most useful feature in Google Photos may be something a little more subtle:

The Google Photos app can scan your photo library and offer to delete similar photos for you, potentially freeing up loads of storage space on your phone.

Much of Google Photos is powered by Google’s expertise at what the industry calls “machine learning.” The more photos Google processes, the better it gets at picking between them. So by examining all your photos, it can tell which ones are out of focus or otherwise ruined and can probably be safely deleted.

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