Grass2Milk helps dairy farmers make informed decisions about the nutritional requirements of their stock.

This app allows you to instantly see whether you are feeding your dairy herd enough to reach daily milk and body condition score targets, and helps you plan your feed allocation for the day.

Developed by OneFarm, and based on the recognised work of Dr Ian Brookes, Massey University, New Zealand, this app can be used every day as an assurance that stock energy (ME) requirements are being met given their current lactation, pregnancy and the time of season.

How it works

  • You enter information about your herd, such as the number of cows, breed, age, and condition score.
  • The App predicts the average cow’s daily ME requirements.
  • You then enter the daily feed – that is what pasture, crops or supplements that you are feeding the herd.
  • The App calculates the total ME intake and compares it to the ME requirements.

Key Features

  • You can customise each parameter, giving you complete control and ensuring that the results are specific to your herd and your farm.
  • Once the parameters are entered it can be used to find out how much to feed on a daily basis. It is a great time saver.
  • Assists in identifying what the actual daily energy requirement of your herd is (energy is the most limiting component of grass fed cows).
  • Allows ‘what if’ questions to be asked, so can help you identify what your options are if you have insufficient pasture.
  • You can also use it to assist with the nutritional requirements of dry cows.
  • Once the app is downloaded you have complete freedom; no signal, no problem, the app will still work.
  • Simple to use, with large buttons, and an easy to read screen.

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