Easy Compliance & Valuable Farm Records. Anytime, Anywhere.

With Herdwatch, you can Register Calves and Record your Remedies ON THE GO, anytime, anywhere, in seconds. No more paperwork late at night, lost notebooks or “back of the hand” reminders. Recording the dosing of animals takes seconds, no need to duplicate the work for each animal, and it’s all FULLY COMPLIANT with EU legislation and Bord Bia quality schemes.

And with the latest updates, you can now manage the full breeding cycle in Herdwatch, from Heat Checks to Inseminations/Serves as well as Pregnancy Scan Results. Serves and Scan Results are automatically sent to ICBF and will show in HerdPlus if you are registered with ICBF.

You can even use Herdwatch offline & on multiple smartphones, tablets or computers at no extra cost, and it is securely backed up to the cloud, so even if you lose or change your phone, your data is safe.

More details: https://www.herdwatch.ie/special-offer/

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  • Herdwatch is the best app available for the farm. My paperwork is now nearly non existent. The app is almost as important as the animals themselves.

    • That’s high praise indeed! They have done a killer job with it and hopefully continue to get the recognition they deserve. Irish ag tech is really taking off with some other great Irish ag tech companies out there like Farmflo.com and SmartFarmApps.com.