John Deere Mobile Farm Manager

Today’s farming practices produce more data than ever before. To make the best management decisions, you need to be able to access that information in any place, any time.

That’s where John Deere Mobile Farm Manager can help. You’ll get instant on-the-go access to all your data. You can view your operation’s maps and reports from any year. View historical applications. Analyze historical reports. Use your iPhone or iPad GPS to track your position within your fields. Scout crops and fields while documenting what you see. Generate grid zones and perform soil sampling tasks.

With John Deere Mobile Farm Manager, you can identify soil nutrient content to enable variable-rate applications. Communicate with partners and service providers. Document field conditions throughout the year and communicate those findings to the right people. Use your mobile device’s GPS to correlate changes in yield displayed on the GreenStarTM monitor to fertilizer or other product applications – all from the comfort of your cab.

It’s all compatible with John Deere’s management software, APEXTM, to help you make better management decisions no matter where you are.

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