KisanHub – Sophisticated Decision Support for Farmers and Growers.

Agriculture tech startup KisanHub is on a mission to make farming more ‘connected’ to help farmers “grow more and use less,

KisanHub offer a cloud-based farming platform for farmers that connects agronomic and operational data to enable smarter agriculture decision making.

KisanHub blends diverse datasets like farm, crop, operation records, weather, satellite, commodities, farm machinery, sensors, among others, to provide data-driven decision points.

There are no price points released as of yet but more information is available from KisanHub’s blog:

Farm and Field Mapping

Locate your farm, draw field and plot boundaries. Turn your farm into an operational business unit. Track critical plot-level metrics.

Geo-spatial Analytics

Monitor plot-level applied irrigation, nutrient deficiencies, diseases and crop stress. Derive indices like NDVI, LAI, SAVI and many more.

Field Sensor Deployment

Deploy sensors to track soil moisture, soil temperature, soil salinity, solar radiation and other critical parameters in real time.

Irrigation Management

Plan and manage intelligent irrigation schedules. Know the exact quantity of water by soil types, crops, crop varieties and agro-climatic zones.

Data Services

Unleash the power of your data using KisanHub’s API services to gain actionable insights.


Get timely and precise actual and forecast weather data across global locations. Monitor vital weather parameters most relevant to your crops – right up to the plot level.


Obtain derived data from satellite imagery of your farms. Order highly contextual indices customised to your needs.

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