Map Tools GPS Measure & Area Android Only

Map Tools is an app that allows users to mark distances or areas on a map, and the map provides measurements for these distances and areas.

Users have the option to view satellite or traffic maps, and they can change measurement units from a list provided within the app.

Users have the option to manually navigate within the app, or they can opt for searching for a location and then marking points on the map that appears. You can manually intervene and drop pins yourself to help improve accuracy. If users make mistakes in placing pins, then they can easily “undo” the pins in the order that they had been added to the map.

Additionally, Map Tools allows users to quickly “clear” all measurement pins on a map, which saves time for users.

However users don’t have the option to save maps and measurements taken. Additionally, users don’t have the option to email or share maps that they’ve created. For Android devices only.

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