Online Nitrogen and Phosphorus Statements

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine have finally published interim Nitrogen and Phosphorus statements for the period January to June 2015 and are available through

These statements, for cattle only, are useful, especially for those farmers that may have increased stock numbers in the past year. The aim is to assist farmers in deciding whether or not they need to take any action before the end of the year to stay within the limits set down in the Nitrates Regulations.

In addition to the Nitrogen and Phosphorus figures being available online, text messages are also issuing to those farmers registered for this service, who at the end of June are at or over 75 kgs of Nitrogen per hectare (approaching or likely to exceed the limit by year end).

Farmers who receive this text, and who are not derogation applicants, should heed the warning and take steps, if not already in place, to reduce the nitrates loading before the end of the year. Options include exporting slurry/farmyard manure or renting additional land.

Source: Department of Agriculture


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