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The Ross App is a management tool for referencing poultry flock performance objectives focussing on the European Ross 308, 708 and PM3 Breeder and Broiler stock. It also has a built-in European Performance Efficiency Factor (EPEF) calculator and a number of other useful tools including a unit convertor which incorporates Industry-specific calculations.

Android App:

iPhone App:


The standards section allows you to quickly access the European Ross Performance Objectives (standards) for Parent and Broiler generations and The Ross 308, 708 and PM3 products.

You can view all sections of the performance objectives and use the “scroller” function to select the days/weeks of age specific to your own view requirements.

Conversion Tool

The conversion function combines the most common calculations used daily in one easy to use tool. The tool is a unit convertor which converts various Industry-specific calculations such as Area, Length, Volume, Weight, Energy (nutrition), Pressure, Stocking Density, Temperature, Light and Ventilation.


The EPEF calculator will appear when you have selected “Broiler” in the type section under settings. The EPEF calculator calculates livability percentage, live weight in kg, age in days and FCR to give you an EPEF result. In the UK, If your EPEF result is 400 or more a box will pop-up to let you know you qualify for entry to the 400 club and will ask you to visit for more information.

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