TractorGPS for grassland farming

The Tractor GPS System is adequate for all grassland based activities i.e fertiliser sowing, lime spreading, spreading poultry litter, etc where slight overlapping tolerances are acceptable.

The system is normally within a metre for accuracy in normal working conditions.

When commencing field work, parallel or contour guidance can be chosen.

The worked area, i.e ground already covered, can be recorded in acres or hectares, while the chosen working width can be set in feet or metres. The forward working speed can be displayed in mph or km/h.

As the field is worked, the area of field which has been covered will be displayed as green. The unworked area of field remains white.

Field Measuring Programme

The additional field measuring programme allows the field area in acres or hectares to be calculated.Starting at your gateway, drive around the perimeter of your field.When you arrive back at starting position, field area will be given in acres or hectares.
Offset facility to allow measuring to take place right into hedge base.Soil sample points can also be marked.

The cost is approx €1000 with no annual subscription charge.

Link to basic GPS system:

Link to Field Measuring Programme:

Payment page:

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