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WeatherIf is weather app that doesn’t require you to open an app to check the weather. Instead, it streamlines your weather forecasting operations by sending you notifications. It is currently only available for iPhone and iPad.

After installing WeatherIf, you will need to launch the app to set up your notifications and then won’t need to touch the app after that. There are five notifications based on different weather conditions — rainy, cloudy, windy, snowy and clear — and a sixth that provides the daily forecast. The notifications arrive at your designated wake-up time. The five weather-related notifications alert you to conditions for the following day, while the Daily forecast gives you information about the current day.

The app also includes a widget that displays weather information in the Notification Centre. To add it, swipe down from the top edge of your iPhone screen to open Notification Center. Next, tap the Today button at the top (as opposed to Notifications).

Next, click the Edit button at the bottom of the Today view and then click the green “+” button to add WeatherIf from the list of widgets.

Price €1.99

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