Measure your grazing platform with farmGRAZE. Use this app to make full use of your grass and save money on bought in …


Texting isn’t cheap (especially international texting), but WhatsApp makes it so much cheaper. You can cut the cord on your carrier’s SMS …

Google Photos

Google launched the new Google Photos app for iOS and Android, last week at its annual Google I/O conference. This app lets …

Farming PRO 2015

Harvest fields, raise animals, walk around your farm to manage buildings, drive combines, tractors, trucks and semis and master over 50 farm …

Tractors – Giants of Agriculture  iPad only

This will have to be classified as a ‘luxury app’ for those tractor-obsessed out there, considering it costs €7.99. It is only …

Vert – Unit & Currency Convertor  Apple only

This app converts anything to anything. Really handy for areas, weights, volumes and currencies. It’s lightening quick and given the amount I …

Brandt Tank Pro  iPhone and iPad

This tank mix compatibility app is designed to assist growers and applicators with micronutrient and post-emergent herbicide tank mixes. It allows applicators …

Agroop Cooperation

Agroop Cooperation is an operational management app for farmers, agronomists, and farming companies. Combined with our multi-sensor Stoock, it allows you to monitor your crops’ water needs, prevent risks, such as plagues and diseases, with alerts, find the best production parameters, and much more.

ICBF Web Application

The ICBF Web Application mobile app allows HerdPlus herd-owners quick access to their HerdPlus accounts.Features include recording events and viewing animal profiles in a quick and easy fashion.

ICBF Animal Search

This app allows the user to search for EBI and €uro-Star figures on the animals in the ICBF Database. The HerdPlus Animal Search app allows users to search the genetic index figures (EBI and €uro-Star)on animals in the ICBF database.


fieldmargin is an easy to use visual record of your farm. Draw maps, make notes, leave messages for your team and more, with or without internet connection.