Oilseed Rape

Pioneer GrowingPoint Agronomy for Android

Access hundreds of agronomy articles and photos in any location on your device. You’ll have answers, including photos, for weed and pest …

iFarm App

It is now easier and more convenient than ever to check the latest farm prices on iFarm. With our new input surveys, there is greater transparency across the range of input costs. Farmers can help fellow farmers by submitting the prices they pay, which will appear in real-time on iFarm. Sign up for our alerts and be notified when IFA publishes the latest price reports.

Farmers Business Network

Farm confidently with trusted agronomic insights made possible by connecting real data from real farmers on an independent and unbiased platform. $500 annual subscription. No per acreage fees. Period.

Gleadell – Grain, Seed and Fertiliser Tool

Gleadell Agriculture Ltd is a major trader of grain in the UK and a leading exporter of all grains, oilseeds and pulses …

Dry Grain Calculator

Available from TapLogic, LLC, the Dry Grain Calculator illustrates the effect that varying grain and oilseed moisture levels have on crop weight. …


Canopeo is a rapid green canopy cover measurement tool. Use this app to quantify the percent canopy cover of live green vegetation …

Crop Nutrient Removal Calculator (PlantCalc) US based

The calculator estimates crop nutrient removal of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (expressed as P2O5), potassium (expressed as K2O), and sulfur (S) for a broad, and continually expanding, list of field crops.

Results are calculated based on user-selected yield goals, and can be displayed in either metric or US/Imperial units

KisanHub – Sophisticated Decision Support for Farmers and Growers.

Agriculture tech startup KisanHub is on a mission to make farming more ‘connected’ to help farmers “grow more and use less, KisanHub …

Mix My Sprayer for iOS and Android

Mix My Sprayer was created to aid with quick, accurate calculations of product mixes to be applied with spraying equipment. Users can create custom lists of favourite products by category.

PCS Database Ireland

The Product Database contains details of registered plant protection products and is updated on a regular basis. It can be searched by …

Canopy Assessment App –  iPhone only

GAI Tool for winter wheat: The Canopy Assessment Tool (CAT) provides an accurate and consistent assessment of crop nitrogen from its green area index (GAI) and crop lodging risk from a digital photograph.

Total Oilseeds App –  iPhone only

The BASF oilseed rape Green Area Index tool has become recognised as an industry standard and is widely used to support input …

AgDNA – Mobile Farm Management Platform

Digitise your entire farm & access all your precision farming data on the go. Yield maps, seeding reports, elevation layers, as applied …

Sprayer Calibration App for iOS and Android

This free mobile app was created to aid in the proper calibration of spraying equipment. Improperly calibrated pesticide spraying equipment may cause either too little or too much pesticide to be applied.

Sprayer Calibration Calculator-US based

This app from the University of Illinois will assist an applicator with calibrating a pesticide sprayer. It can be used for aerial, …


eFarmer is a simple app designed for the agricultural industry that allows users to construct an electronic map of fields to create …