Precision Agriculture

Agroop Cooperation

Agroop Cooperation is an operational management app for farmers, agronomists, and farming companies. Combined with our multi-sensor Stoock, it allows you to monitor your crops’ water needs, prevent risks, such as plagues and diseases, with alerts, find the best production parameters, and much more.

ICBF Web Application

The ICBF Web Application mobile app allows HerdPlus herd-owners quick access to their HerdPlus accounts.Features include recording events and viewing animal profiles in a quick and easy fashion.


fieldmargin is an easy to use visual record of your farm. Draw maps, make notes, leave messages for your team and more, with or without internet connection.




ICBF Animal Search

This app allows the user to search for EBI and €uro-Star figures on the animals in the ICBF Database. The HerdPlus Animal Search app allows users to search the genetic index figures (EBI and €uro-Star)on animals in the ICBF database.

TractorGPS for grassland farming

The Tractor GPS System is adequate for all grassland based activities i.e fertiliser sowing, lime spreading, spreading poultry litter, etc where slight overlapping …

Irri Farmer

The app to help farmers manage their installation based on center pivot irrigation system in a smart and intuitive administration panel

John Deere Mobile Farm Manager

Today’s farming practices produce more data than ever before. To make the best management decisions, you need to be able to access that information in any place, any time.

HarvestYield  iPhone

Streamline your Farm record keeping process. Automatically record all the work done on your crops and with which machines.

Planimeter –  iPhone & iPad only

Planimeter measures distances and land areas on maps. Search for a location by address, or let your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad …

Geo Area

Geo Area is designed to cater for just about anyone’s needs to measure field areas, collect ground samples, GIS surveys, and measuring …


Track the status and development of four key wheat foliar diseases. It complements the CropMonitor website by giving you up to date information on the disease status and risk of development at the CropMonitor trial monitoring sites across England. It also gives you a quick risk assessment of these diseases within your own area using the trial site data closest to you and predicting the diseases development based on the next 72hrs weather forecast for your area.

Geometer GPS – handheld device

Handheld GPS device for accurate area measurement. Allows you to measure the areas of any geometry, distances and to mark waypoints. Geometer GPS was designed as precise acreage measurement tool.

Farmers Business Network

Farm confidently with trusted agronomic insights made possible by connecting real data from real farmers on an independent and unbiased platform. $500 annual subscription. No per acreage fees. Period.

KisanHub – Sophisticated Decision Support for Farmers and Growers.

Agriculture tech startup KisanHub is on a mission to make farming more ‘connected’ to help farmers “grow more and use less, KisanHub …

FarmLogs – US Based

FarmLogs attempts to make precision farming easy for everyone. You can make more informed decisions about crop management, nutrient management, and soil …


Planimeter measures distances and land areas on maps.

GPS Fields Area Measure – Android Only

GPS Field Area Measure useful as map measurement tool for outdoor activities, sports, range finder applications, bike tour planning, or run tour …

AgDNA – Mobile Farm Management Platform

Digitise your entire farm & access all your precision farming data on the go. Yield maps, seeding reports, elevation layers, as applied …

Map Tools GPS Measure & Area Android Only

Map Tools is an app that allows users to mark distances or areas on a map, and the map provides measurements for …


MachineryGuide is a low-cost Tractor GPS application for Android. As it is a precision agricultural system, it provides modern technology for farmers to be able to do their agricultural works more efficiently and more economically.

Sprayer Calibration Calculator-US based

This app from the University of Illinois will assist an applicator with calibrating a pesticide sprayer. It can be used for aerial, …


Vitalfields offers farm management, accurate weather and plant disease forecasting on the web and through mobile apps. Through cloud-based software and accompanying mobile …