The Wonderful World of Weather Apps

As farmers we are obsessed with the weather for obvious reasons. I download at least two weather apps a month but unfortunately none of these apps make me feel any better when we have to spray the spring wheat and there’s three days of rain forecast!

Anyways, I am compiling a list of the weather apps I use and rate highly – my number one being the Fresh Air app for iPhone. It is pure, simple and brilliant. Does the core stuff right; forecasting rain, wind, sun, temperature.

Below are some other weather apps that might be of use to people.


Bright, clear and easy to use app. Available for iPhone only.

Haze images

Haze backend


Weather Neue

Plain, simple, informative

Solar – a bit too bare

Coming from a farm, there is not enough info available to stop a farmer from ringing the ‘Weather Dial’ service.

Sun – Web App

Beautiful, web interaction but lacking in detail for the farmer but fine for the everyday punter.

The designer in me just loves this app

Sun Web App


Redesigned mobile focused website.

Functional, loads of detail and has nearly everything a farmer could want weather-wise. Rainfall landing page



1Weather has been around for a long time and is not only one of the most popular apps on this list, but also one of the highest rated. It comes with your standard features like your daily and hourly forecast along with access to additional information. There are also some widget selections and the application itself is well designed.

Available on Google Play Store.


Accuweather is a free option that gives you pretty much all of the information you need, including extended forecasts, hourly forecasts, and the app itself is also well designed.

Apps available from here.

GO Weather Forecast and Widgets

GO Weather is a long time favorite for Android users and it ranks among the most successful and popular on the list. It has widgets, forecasts, alerts, and you can change which weather provider you want to use. It’s a solid app with some decent features and it’s free to use.

Available on Google Play Store here.

Honourable Mentions

The forecast app from is sweet which is not surprising since it is from the same guys that gave us the DarkSky App.

Weather 2x is also a very functional well designed weather experience available on iPhone only.

For Windows Phone Users

This the list of available Windows Phone weather apps in Ireland. I don’t have access to a Windows Phone so I can’t really comment other than to say that the ratings for these apps are favourable.

Weather Apps for Windows Phone.

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